Astral Projection for Beginners

The Complete Guide to Understanding and Preparing Yourself to Astral Project, Mastering an Out-Of-Body Experience Travelling to the Astral Plane

BARROW, Jennifer Taal: Engels


€ 35,95

Afwijkende levertijd: 20-22 werkdagen
Astral Projection for Beginners


€ 35,95

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Have you recently come across the concept of astral projection and having out of body experiences and are curious to know what it is all about and how you too can have such an experience, safely and without all the fear or without having a near death experience?

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If you've answered YES, keep reading...Let This Book Usher You Into The New World Of Astral Projecting And Experiencing Out Of Body Experiences At Will!
The fact that you are here means you are already sold to the idea of astral projecting and having out of body experiences but are probably wondering...
Is it safe?
What do I need to do to experience that?
Will I still be in charge?
What can you expect from the experience?
If you have these and other related questions, this audiobook is for you.In it, you will uncover:
· The basics of Astral Projection, including what it is, what it entails and how it works
· What astral projection has to do with dream interpretation and inner peace
· Step-by-step guide on how to astral project as a beginner
· How to leverage the power of self-hypnosis to astral project effortlessly
· Powerful techniques for astral projection that will help you astral project and have out-of-body experiences anywhere effortlessly
· Analyzing your out-of-body experience and making sense of them
· Any insider's look into the astral body and astral plane and a glimpse into the endless possibilities they offer
· How to let go of your fears and apprehensions about astral projection
· And so much more
Even if you've never done this before and are afraid of the unknown, this audiobook will give you the gentle guidance and necessary assurance you need to keep going confidently!Click Buy Now to get started NOW!

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138 pp.
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