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The Sunset Strip Game


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Jason and Lance met years ago as young men with film production in their dreams and lived in a two bedroom apartment on Olive Dr., just off the famous Sunset strip in Los Angeles. Their lives have been lived in sort of a parallel since then even to the extent that they got married in the same year to two different young starlets who before then, never knew each other.

The guys originally came out here to become stand-up comedians and when they arrived, took jobs in a restaurant on the strip as waiters and when they finished work headed down the strip to the Comedy Store or down to Melrose to the Improv of the Laugh Factory to see if they could get a spot to perform their new materials.

They met their young starlet-wives-to-be in these clubs on the strip. The two gals were very attractive but not that serious about acting. They were there, primarily to find rich producers to marry. That was the fantasy. No one ever said they were very deep or in any way make-it-on-your-own-in Hollywood, go-getters.

In a couple of years the two guys started working behind the scenes on comedy specials and then they got into the real money and started producing TV specials themselves and left their stand up dreams far behind. The lack of or the abundance of money has a way of making original dreams disappear.

They always, from then on had a very healthy money flow.

From the beginning, through marriages and children, the two guys disappeared every week, one night a week for a guy’s night out.

They refused to discuss it at all with their wives and so far, got away with it.

The ladies, Lisa Marie and Ivey, soon become curious and they want to know what their sweet, rich hubbies were up to. They made a plan and each followed their respective husband on one night and of course ended up in the same place. They found their husbands at a place up above the west end of the strip, and by snooping around a bit; they found that they were simply playing poker. It was in a house that literally hung off the side of a hillside. There were no cars there but that’s where the street ended.

What the women didn’t know is that they were caught on surveillance cameras outside the place so, what does any loving pair of husbands do, include them of course and the hubbies thought they were having more fun than they ever had, until the wives took over.

It became the game that would be forever after known as The Sunset Strip Game.

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