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As an international authority on fashion, Moore has interviewed more than 175 of the top designers, stylists, editors, bloggers, models, costume designers, street-style stars, and tastemakers on where they shop-from hidden vintage gems in Paris to up-and-coming local designer boutiques in Sydney, from old-school New York establishments and made-to-order jewelry in Los Angeles to the best street markets in Hong Kong, all the shopping secrets of the fashion elite are revealed.

In this guide, you will discover:
-Where in Brooklyn to get the vintage threads the cast of Girls wear
-Which store in Austin has the perfect worn-in cowboy boots
-What tips and tricks the pros have for online shopping
-How to shop for the Frida Kahlo look in Mexico City, and find capes in Madrid like Picasso wore
-How to find the Milan outlet stores where knowing editors pick -up designer discounts
-Where the fashion set go for Soviet-era throwback threads in Moscow
-How to find the Tokyo smoothie store that hides a punk rock paradise
-Sources for up-and-coming designer clothing in Cape Town
-Where to shop in Paris on a Sunday

Wherever you are in the world, you have the ultimate source on stylish shopping at your fingertips.
Gebonden Hardback
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