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The Creative Community Builder's Handbook

BORRUP, Tom Taal: Onbekend


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Art and culture can be a powerful catalyst for revitalizing the economic, social, and physical conditions in communities. Now, "The Creative Community Builders Handbook" gives you successful strategies, best practices, and how-to guidance to turn cultural gems into effective community change. Part 1 of this unique guide distills research and emerging ideas behind culturally driven community development and explains key underlying principles. Youll understand the arts impact on community well-being and have the rationale for engaging others.Part 2 gives you ten concrete strategies for building on the unique qualities of your own community. Each strategy is illustrated by two case studies taken from a variety of cities, small towns, and neighborhoods across the United States. Youll learn how people from all walks of life used culture and creativity as a glue to bind together people, ideas, enterprises, and institutions to make places more balanced and healthy. Part 3 lays out five steps to assessing, planning, and implementing creative community building projects.Detailed guidance, hands-on worksheets, and a hypothetical community sample walk you through the entire process. By understanding the theoretical context (Part 1), learning from case studies (Part 2), and following the five steps (Part 3), youll be able to build a more vibrant, creative, and equitable community.
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280 pp.
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