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Leading Clarity


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Today's business environment is more complex than at any time in history with greater ambiguity, chaos, and uncertainty. This tangled mass of noise effectively handicaps every facet of business. Clarity is the dynamic force that aligns and connects your most critical business principles. Leading Clarity blasts you beyond any preconceived limitations and with razor focus sets new direction, expectation, and pathways for success.

Leaders today often overlook clarity as the critical piece of their solution set. Organizational clarity rises above, with a more dynamic understanding of what's possible. It demands a holistic approach. Clarity cannot only be found, but created within a defined, dimensional framework. Once achieved, clarity closes the gaps by providing unparalleled connectivity that drives people, profit, and performance.

This groundbreaking methodology transcends the impact of industry-specific solutions. In this guidebook, visionary thought leader Brad Deutser shares, for the first time, the tools and processes his team of social scientists, business consultants, and design experts use to enable clients to define, improve, and protect their companies from the inside out. Developed through work and research with hundreds of leading organizations, this revolutionary approach is measurable, repeatable, and reliable.

From startup to global giant, this methodology puts clarity at the center of your business and gives you everything you need to:

  • Lead with clear direction and purpose by valuing inside the box thinking and innovation
  • Eliminate the rot of mediocrity, status quo, and fear that are symptomatic of deficiencies within an organization
  • Activate the impact drivers that keep your employees happier, more engaged, and performing at their peak
  • Humanize your values and mission so all can clearly and consistently see, feel, and experience them every day
  • Infuse positivity into your organization's DNA as a profitability catalyst
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