Hacking the Sat


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Learn all the top tricks and tips to acing the SAT.

The SAT is the academic test that can make or break your entrance into your number one college or university. High school students practice endlessly, and some pay hundreds of dollars an hour for tutors to teach them, to earn a better score. Studying can be mentally exhausting and leave students wanting to do nothing more than throw their books out the window! Sure, those 300 extra points make a difference, but at what cost to your attitude and everyday performance?

Instead of falling asleep over boring prep books and practice tests, emptying your wallet on expensive tutors, or stretching yourself too thin, dive into Hacking the SAT! No more drooling into dull SAT prep books; this entertaining and engaging collection of tips, tricks, and techniques will have you ready to pass the dreaded SAT in no time! This book will provide you with all the hacks you need to pass the SAT with flying colors, such as:
  • Memorization methods
  • Concentration techniques
  • Ways to prevent test anxiety
  • Study tips
  • And more!
  • Filled with advice from two experienced educational experts, Hacking the SAT is your gateway to acing the SAT test and entering the college or university of your dreams! Happy studying!
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