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Everything's Better With Monkeys


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The Pan-Galactic League of Suns had been the undisputed ruling force in the galaxy for eons. But now, a fledgling race of ape-descendants (guess who) has burst onto the scene to challenge the old order. Under the command of Captain Alexander Valance, the Earth Alliance Starship Roosevelt was the first of the long-awaited Dreadnought-class vessels, crewed by 10,000 of Earth's sharpest minds and broadest backs.

The Navy prides itself on having professional, by-the-book officers and crewmen; but fortunately for the Roosevelt and her mission, some of her sailors hadn't gotten around to reading that book yet.

This is the saga of Chief Gunnery Officer Rockland Vespucci, "Rocky," his best friend Machinist First Mate Li Qui Kon, better known to top-notch, wire-and-screw jockeys everywhere as Noodles and all the rest of the singing and dancing sailors of the A.E.S. Roosevelt. To say this bunch thought outside the box would imply they thought there was a box in the first place.

This is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the craziest collection of space opera comedies ever assembled. It's all the stories of those beloved scallyways, Rocky and Noodles, concluded with a new, never-before seen tale to end the saga.

Tribble lovers ... this one's for you!

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