Wild Rats

C. J. Wacha Taal: Engels


€ 22,95

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Joe is abandoned on the streets of Kampala after his mother dies and left to fend for himself. When the authorities begin rounding up street children, Joe takes Mary and her brother to seek refuge at the home of Mama Sarah who runs a brothel. That decision has devastating and tragic consequences. Soon the streets Joe has grown to love become increasingly hostile and dangerous as he is drawn into a world of crime and violence. Joe and his friends are undocumented self-reliant children whose presence in the city is not welcomed by Kampala authorities. They are seen only as 'pests polluting the streets', and are easily exploited by those meant to protect them. The people they fear the most are the police. Joe's only hope is to make decisions which will give meaning to his life and substance to his existence. If he doesn't, he knows he will die like his friend Leo died - alone, unknown and un-mourned - just another 'invisible' child. Wild Rats is a story of friendship, adversity and survival.
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