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Like a shooting star, the man calling himself Nero appeared from out of nowhere.

From the moment he stepped into rookie cop, Sasha Calvillo’s life, he captivated her, and like a torrent, pulled her in and refused to let go. His edginess and complete disregard for the rules, as well as his near arrogant levels of certainty, intrigued her. His lifestyle went against everything she believed in, and it irked her. This man was in complete control.

He saved rookie cop Sasha Calvillo’s life, and then, just like he came, he vanished, shrouded in mystery.

When she ran into him again due to freak occurrence, she became attached to him.

He warned her that she shouldn’t get involved with him. He told her that his life was dangerous, and that nothing good could come from her curiosities. But she couldn’t pull away.

Sasha was determined to know this man’s secrets; once Nero saw her resolve, he was willing to show them to her.

All of them.

An 11000+ word serial Novelette

This vampire erotic romance serial contains steamy tidbits, as well as depictions of violence. This romantic erotica series is intended for 18+.

This is book one of the three part romance serial “Falling”.

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