Ruining the Rancher


Masterson County, #3

Calle J. Brookes Serie: Masterson County | Taal: Engels

ebook EPUB

€ 3,49

Ruining the Rancher

ebook EPUB

€ 3,49

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? ? ? ? SHE HADN'T PLANNED ON HIM. ? ? ? ? ?

Step one. Keep her family fed.
Step two. Keep the roof over their heads.
Step three. Follow the plan.

Pandora Tyler always has a plan. From the moment her mom was killed in a car accident, Pan has had a plan for what she needs from life.

The last thing she needs is a distraction like Levi Masterson, her older sisters' brother-in-law—and Pan's new employer.

Step four. Revise the plan.

She will do her job as his housekeeper and do her best not to fall for his rugged cowboy charm. But resisting him is the biggest challenge she's ever faced.

Levi took one look at Pandora Tyler on a day that changed both of their families—and he fell hard. Beautiful, loving, loyal and determined—Pan is stronger than she knows. And he can't get her out of his head—or his heart. It's best to just go with the inevitable. She is the one he's meant for.

But while he was pursuing his housekeeper, someone else kept getting in the way.

Someone who has their eyes on what Levi can do for them.

Someone who will resort to any means necessary to get exactly what they want

—even if that means separating Levi and Pan forever...

ebook EPUB
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