The League


Sulan, #1

Camille Picott Serie: Sulan | Taal: Engels

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If your head gets blown off in die in the real world.

"The world was impeccable and the characters were outstanding."

"With its superb writing and vivid images, Sulan is one of the best books I've read in a long time."

"Every chapter springs its own surprise and ends with a perfect cliffhanger that won't let you put the book down."

-Reviews from Goodreads

Sulan is expected to keep her head down, study hard, and nurture her innate gift with mathematics.

But a terrorist organization is attacking schools and killing students. Sulan's high-profile school for gifted minds is next on the list.

Sulan doesn't intend to leave her safety in the hands of others. Defying her parents, she joins a virtual reality fight club and begins training.

But training in cyberspace has its own risks.

It requires Touch, an illegal technology that will land her in serious trouble if she's caught.

If she's not careful, it could get her killed.

In this first episode of the Sulan series, get ready for a dark near-future where a young girl makes a stand against the Anti-American League. Discover a world where the high stakes of Divergent meets the fast action of The Hunger Games.

ebook EPUB
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