The Power of Motherhood

What the Bible says about Mothers

CAMPBELL, Nancy Taal: Engels


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The Power of Motherhood


€ 26,95

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"The Power of Motherhood" is a classic manual for mothers. It brings women back to basics. Back to the transcendence of motherhood-physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It goes into the Bible to discover our Creator's design for women, and specially mothers.

You can enjoy this manual personally or use it as a Bible Study Manual to discuss with other women. You will discover that motherhood is the most powerful role given to women. Mothers not only influence their children, but ultimately communities, nations, and generations to come.

Let's think for a moment of all the amazing things that have happened, are happening, and will happen in this world--the remarkable inventions, the incredible feats both intellectually and physically, the astounding advancements, and the brilliant discoveries. None of this happens on its own. Every single one happens through a person. And that person comes through the womb of a mother. Without the nurturing in the womb of the mother, NOTHING happens in this world. It all comes to a halt.

God creates women physically for mothering. It's the way they're made. It's an instinctive role. If they don't mother children, they'll nurture cats or dogs. They are physically preserved through mothering with less likelihood of female cancers.

Therefore, if mothering is so powerful, why is it disdained our society today? Sadly, women today are fed the jargon that motherhood is insignificant. They are propagandized to be the opposite of who they were created to be. They are programmed to delay marriage, disdain men, delay childbearing, or forget it altogether. But what do they reap in the end? No husband, children, and grandchildren around them to fill their lives with joy and continuing new adventures

It's time for women to know truth. You'll be surprised! God has a lot to say to women! Good things. Great things. New revelations on every page and there are nearly 250 pages in this manual.

As you read this manual, you will embark on a journey of discovering who you are as a female and how to fulfil your destiny on this earth.
Campbell House Publishing
252 pp.
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