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Service Drive Revolution Volume 1: Episodes 1-25


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Chris Collins and Gary Daniel discuss little known service drive secret weapons from how to hire technicians and increasing dealership CSI, to building relationships for long-term customer retention and increasing customer pay sales.

The Service Trainer Gurus are here to give you the tools you need to help pull your service department ahead of the pack.

G-Man, AKA Gary Daniel, and I started recording this show once a week because advisors deserve advice and training that works, and that comes from advisors who have been successful on the job. It all started while I was watching a competitor’s Advisor Training. It was painful… and became obvious by the tactics he was teaching, that he had never actually written service, or been an advisor. I made the comment, “We give away better content for free than what they charge money for.”

The car industry is changing, and car sales have become the lost leader. To survive in this environment it becomes all about fixed op’s performance, and we want to keep you up to date with the “New Stuff,” and tricks, that you need to know.

I have built a reputation in our industry of being the #1 Expert in Fixed Operations and Service Trainer. I am a Fixer, Trainer and Coach. My passion for this industry helps produce RESULTS my clients never dreamed possible.

Chris Collins is a self-taught, business performance expert. He’s the #1 Expert in Fixed Operations and Service Trainer. He had the #1 BMW dealership in America for years running, and is the leader in turning around businesses in the automotive industry.

Gary Daniel is our “voice of the technician” and number one fixer of service departments. He has spent more than 30 years in the automotive business. From small independent shops to one of the largest dealers in the country, he’s just about done it all! In 2014 he joined forces with Chris Collins to be his General Manager and help develop Chris Collins inc.

Together Chris and Gary host the successful show, Service Drive Revolution, which provides insightful, user-friendly information and tips for anyone working in the automotive business.

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