Roping Her Texan

Cia Leah Taal: Engels

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Full length, sweet, western romance novel. Sequel to Roping Her Texan is Roping Sunnie's Heart.

Kallie Knight moves to Texas after her parent's deaths and buys a ranch bordering rancher Colt Trevor's. When his bull, Old Red Eye breeds her cow, she gets upset and rides to his ranch demanding he stop his bull or she's going to shoot him and serve him up for supper. What she doesn't count on is falling in love with Colt at first sight. She wants him from the start and is determined to have him and she's not going to let anyone stand in her way.

Colt Trevor has never seen a woman as beautiful and wild as Kallie. When he slips behind her in the saddle, he can't control the passion she ignites in him. Caught in a compromising position with her on the first day they meet, Colt is tempted to spank her or take her to his bed. Marriage is out. He likes being his own man and wants to stay a bachelor.

When Kallie is shot, he realizes his feelings for her run deeper than just an urge to quench his passion. He's determined to find the man who wants her dead, but before he can catch the culprit behind it, Kallie is abducted and whisked away to an outlaw's hideout in Mexico.

Sequel to Roping Her Texan is : Roping Sunnie's Heart. 

ebook EPUB
Cia Leah
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