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The Ring of Kerry Hannigan - a novella


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The Ring of Kerry Hannigan - a Novella by New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Ciji Ware

(The First Edition was published in July, 2014, as part of an anthology of three short novels titled Ring of Truth. This Second Edition of "The Ring of Kerry Hannigan" is a stand-alone novella, published in March, 2015).

When your heart speaks…will you listen?

On the eve of a move from New York to San Francisco, classically trained chef and respected food blogger Kerry Hannigan’s world turns upside down the instant she puts on an Irish Claddagh ring—the timeless Irish symbol of love, friendship and fidelity worn not only by Jackie Kennedy and Princess Grace, but by scores of citizens and firefighters who fought their last battle in New York’s Twin Towers on 9/11.

A gift from her godmother, the emerald gemstone clasped between two golden hands reputedly offers life-changing guidance and counsel—but only for seven days, and only to those who listen.

Is it serendipity—or something else—when Kerry lands her dream job among groves of the Montisi Olive Ranch in beautiful Sonoma, north of San Francisco? And is one week long enough to know if Renato Montisi is all he appears to be, or another “player” like the man she left behind? Can she trust the ring on her finger, or is it just so much “Irish hooey,” as her late cousin insisted before she died?

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