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The Zodiac Anthology Volume 1


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The Zodiac Anthology is a 4 book bundle of loosely connected romance novellas that can be read in any order. Each leading man encapsulates the personality traits of his zodiac sign. This collection includes:

Mr. Aries

Arin Ovis is a billionaire heir and an infamous Olympic swimmer. He has everything anyone could ever need in life - so why has he exiled himself on his private island in the tropics?

Hanna is a sports writer who’s determined to get to the bottom of his story - everything from his climb to the top to his embarrassing downfall. She’s been granted a rare interview by Arin, and she has three days on his private island to get the story of a lifetime. But will she get more than she bargained for on this tropical trip? When she’s around the intensely handsome athlete, sports are the last thing on her mind…

Mr. Taurus

Kat Wilson's estranged father has passed away, leaving everything he owned to his 25 year old starving-artist daughter. However, this means Kat must travel back to her childhood home for the first time in 15 years.

In the midst of all this chaos, commitment-phobe Kat is thrown another curveball - her childhood best friend Caleb Farley has grown up, and he's got a gorgeous body to prove it. Caleb has also been nursing a crush on her the entire time she's been away.

A relationship is the last thing Kat wants, but will a return to her country roots remind her of the warmth of love and family? Or will she betray her family and Caleb and sell off the treasured restaurant her father left to her?

Mr. Gemini

It started with a silly bachelorette party game…

It’s called the Name Game. Although Meg is usually a shy and laid-back office worker, tonight she is Griffin, a sexy artist out clubbing with friends. The goal is to get as many phone numbers as possible, and the competition is fierce. However, when she meets James Krane, any thoughts of the game, or her best friend’s bachelorette party, are out of her mind completely.

What Meg doesn’t know is that James overheard the rules of the Name Game. He knows “Griffin” isn’t at all that she seems - but James isn’t either. His day job happens to be one of the country’s most popular romance authors, and he sees Meg as a great source of inspiration to battle his current bout of writer’s block.

Mr. Cancer

When Kara wakes up naked and severely hungover after her first night ever in Las Vegas, the last person she expects to be greeting her is her high school best friend Andrew Murray. And in the six years since their friendship had suffered from a sudden end, Andy had grown up and become a stunningly attractive man.

Andy never expected to see Kara again, and his attraction for her is instant, like no time had passed at all since he was an awkward teenager nursing a crush on her. He's more than willing to help her retrace the steps of her night in Vegas to find her lost best friend - anything to spend more time with the girl of his teenage dreams. But what will happen when she has to return home to California? Can he let his dream girl get away yet again?

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