Dealing With A Narcissistic Mother: How to Handle Your Narcissistic Mother as an Adult

D.T Bloom Taal: Engels

ebook EPUB

€ 1,49

Dealing With A Narcissistic Mother: How to Handle Your Narcissistic Mother as an Adult

ebook EPUB

€ 1,49

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Were you raised by a mother who put her needs and wants before yours? Does your mother make you think that her love is conditional and that it will be stripped of you if you don't meet her expectations? Does your mother consistently make you feel inadequate, empty and riddled with sadness? Does she always seem to disappoint you, making you feel worthless and abandoned by her?

I know all of the above feelings all too well. I was brought up by a narcissistic mother, and know just how heartbreaking it can be to still feel like that scared child, even as an adult. I've been through decades of being subjected to my mother's narcissism, and it was only when I hit my lowest point that my survival instinct kicked in: I either cut ties with my mother, or I developed ways to deal with her hurtful, damaging behavior. Neither option was going to be easy, but both were going to ensure I could heal, find my self-worth for the first time, and begin to thrive. I would no longer be living in her shadow. Dealing with your narcissistic mother means taking back control.

In this book, I'll guide you through the following:

- Grieving the loss of the mother you never had

- Processing your emotions

- Setting your boundaries

- Guarding yourself against gaslighting

- Protecting your feelings

- Confronting the possibility of cutting ties

- How to cut ties if you choose to

On the path towards becoming stronger and confronting the narcissistic abuse you've endured, the biggest hurdle you'll face is undoubtedly the relationship you have with your mother. To help you find your worth and flourish, I want to show you how to deal with your narcissistic mother now that you're an adult.

ebook EPUB
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