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Fat Is Your Friend: How to Eat Fat, Satisfy Yourself, and Still Lose Weight


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Find out how to lose weight for good, without dieting, from bestselling authors and experts Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. David Ludwig.

In the U.S., we spend a collective $60 billion dollars on our weight loss efforts. Somehow, though, two-thirds of adults and one-third of children and teenagers are still overweight or obese. Despite our best efforts to drop the weight, those who manage to lose weight and keep it off by dieting are a rare exception, rather than the rule, according to a 2007 UCLA study.

This may seem like a rather grim reality at first glance. We torture ourselves with calorie restriction and dieting, all for nothing. But, according to bestselling authors and weight loss experts Dr. David Ludwig and Dr. Mark Hyman, all of this dieting-related suffering is completely unnecessary and, in fact, even counter-productive. Restricting calories is not the answer to permanent weight loss, they say. This is because eating too many calories is not what makes us fat. The reverse is true—becoming fat makes us overeat.

About Daniel Glick

Daniel Glick is an award-winning journalist and a successful life and habits coach. His goal in the Experts’ Take series is to provide quick, to-the-point, actionable takeaways from the bestselling books of the leading experts on a given topic. His guides are the fastest, most accessible overviews available, and he invites you to try just one—you’ll soon be hooked!

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