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7 Things To Do To Quickly Build Sales That Last For Your Kindle Books


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Ty Cohen is an accomplished internet marketer and personal development coach. He’s also an internationally known speaker and author. Over the last decade, he’s taken a real gamble with his life financially by quitting his corporate job and starting his own business. That business soon became both an offline and online success, generating millions of dollars in sales and totally transforming Ty’s life as well as the lives of countless others, whom he has helped in his business.

Today, Ty is an internationally renowned internet marketer, business consultant, speaker, personal development coach, and author of over a half dozen amazing books.

Promise: Top Seven Ways for Generating Sales on Your Kindle Books

I’ve published nearly a thousand books as a publishing company. So, what we are going to give you are our top seven ways for generating sales, especially if you have an eBook/Kindle book that are already out there and it’s working, or even if you’re working on your first. These are the seven things that we do in order to build sales that last for the long term.

We have almost 1,000 books that we’ve published under our publishing company, and we do extremely well, every single month, just publishing books on Amazon. If your book sales are lagging, or if they are not what you want them to be, I’ve got some strategies to help you turbo-charge that process. We’ve tested, literally, hundreds of different things over the years, and I can definitely provide you with the advice you need.

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