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Baby's First Year: A Complete Guide on What to Expect From Your First Parenting Year – Including Baby Sleep, Baby Food Recipes, Baby Games, and Your Baby's Cognitive Development


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Are you a new parent or are you expecting your first child imminently?

Is parenting a joy or a daunting task you don't feel equipped to deal with?

Do you need a book that help with practical tips and advice?

Having a new arrival in your home is a joy and a challenge all rolled into one. Most people have little idea of the complexities of raising a child at first and the learning curve is as steep as anything you will find in the most exhausting of careers. But there is help.

This book, Baby's first year, has been created specifically for people like who are stepping up to the exciting but demanding role of being a new parent, with chapters that include:

  • The first few days
  • Bonding with your baby
  • Why babies cry
  • Feeding and burping tricks
  • Games to play with your baby
  • Care and education
  • Safety
  • And much more…
  • Life with a newborn is an endless routine of making sure their needs are taken care of and that they are safe from harm. But there are plenty of opportunities for fun and games too and this book will make sure that you get the balance right, while taking a little of the strain off you.

    Get a copy and make sure you are ready for what's to come!

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