Little Known Ways to Zoom Towards Big Money

Darryl Craig Taal: Engels

ebook EPUB

€ 8,49

Little Known Ways to Zoom Towards Big Money

ebook EPUB

€ 8,49

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This Startling Book Reveals Actual REAL Businesses That Require Little or NO Investment or Special Skill. See How to Make a Bunch of Money, Monthly with Little Money and in Four of the Business Plans in this Book, No Capital Required..

A Good Business Plan Can Unlock The Secret To The Building of A Fortune. By Knowing the Secrets Others have Used You Have the Blue Print to Success!

The Information in This Book May Be a Turning Point for You.

Guaranteed to Awaken Your Imaginative Spirit!

This Book is For Anyone,

Unemployed,Self-Employed, Employed, Job Seeker, School Leavers,College or Varsity Students, Basically Anyone Who Wants To Start Their Own Real Profitable Business.

Are You Sick and Tired of Wasting Your Valuable Time and Hard Earned Money on Scams Which Seem to Always Lead You Down a Dead End and Not Making a Single Dime? Are You Tired of Not Having Money, Are Jobs Slow in Coming, Are You Sitting at Home and Wasting Time Instead of Making Your Own Money. Or Are You Sick and Tired of Your BOSS and Want To Show Him The Middle Finger But Dont Have an Idea of a Business To Start. Well if Thats You, then This Book is Especially for You!

The Business Plans in This Book is Little Known and Top Secret Plans a Secret Few Are Using To Make Good Fortunes for Themselves Yearly.

Many Who Have Purchased This Book Has Called it "Diamonds in Your Own Back Yard".

Simplicity is Generally Most Effective. You Will find Much of this Kind of Showmanship—All Types, for that Matter—in Nearly All of the Business Plans Appearing in the Pages of this Unique eBook.

There's Scarcely an Idea in this eBook that Cannot be Twisted About to Apply Profitably to Your Own Business or Contemplated Business, if You will Take the Time to Dig into the Principle Beneath the Stunt.

The Best Way to Determine the Activity that is Best Suited to Your Ability and Temperament is to Read All the Numerous Suggestions in this eBook. Then Study the One that Appeals to You. Reading About the True Experiences of Others May Suggest other Profitable Plans Based on Your Own Natural Ability and Background.

Sweep Out from the Chambers of Your Mind All those Miserable Negative Thoughts like "I can't"—"I'm not suited to Run a Business, etc." Avoiding All Theories on the Subject, the Author Holds the General Principle that a Person's Mental Attitude Acts as a Magnet. If We think Success Firmly and Hold it Properly Before Us, it Tends to Build Up a Constant Mental Attitude Which Invariably Attracts to Us the Things Conductive to its Attainment and Materialization.

And, Now that You have Been Told of the Feast of Good Things Ahead of You in this eBook, Draw Up Your Chair to the Table and Partake of the Nourishing, Mental Food Herein Provided. After All, You Know "the Proof of the Pudding Lies in the Eating", and so Fall to and Taste that Which has Been Gathered Together for Your Benefit.

Now, While You Are Filling Your Plate, the Author Proposes the Opening Toast, "Here's to You…May You Find Within These Pages the Idea or Stimulus that Will Start You on Your Journey Towards Financial Independence in a Business of Your Own!"

ebook EPUB
Darryl Craig
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