Mrs. Perivale and the Blue Fire Crystal

Dash Hoffman Taal: Engels

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There is a Prophecy…

A 73 year old woman who is told she is too old to be useful to anyone.
A strange creature who has risked everything because he's certain he's right.
An element crystal stolen from a temple, throwing the world into chaos.
An unknown country; dangerous, beautiful, wild, magical, unimaginable.
A journey almost no one believes that the old woman can undertake.
The mysterious dark force bent on total destruction.
Seven vastly different cats.
One delicate butler.

Life can't be over.
There's a whole world to save and tea is at four.

*As per the viral meme sent out by @yabroodingauthor "It's amazing how many prophecies involve teens. You'd think they'd pick more emotionally stable people, with more free time. Like Grandmas." to which @Dinurial replied, "I would read the hell out of a series of a chosen 85yo woman who goes on epic journeys throughout a dangerous and magical land armed only with a cane and her stab-tastic knitting needles accompanied by her six cats and her skittish-yet-devoted orderly who makes sure she takes her pills on time."


Mrs. Alice Perivale is finished with her life. At 73 years old she is told that she is useless to the world and she begins to wonder if it's true, until she meets the most unusual creature she has ever seen, and finds herself in a realm she never could have imagined, on a journey almost no one believes that she can undertake.

Against all odds, she accepts the prophesied challenge and she embarks on an adventure to save the strange realm she is in. She must find her way through a bizarre and wild world to take back the Blue Fire Crystal; a powerful and vital gem stolen by a dark force no one has ever seen, hidden away in a palace no one has ever found.

She does not go alone. She is accompanied by her seven loyal cats; Tao the Siamese, Sophie the Pampered Princess, Montgomery the Old Gentleman, Bailey the Fat Calico, Jynx the Black, Oscar the Orange Kitten in Training, and Marlowe the Devoted Abyssinian whose place is always at Mrs. Perivale's side.

Her delicate butler, Henderson, who has no desire whatsoever for adventure, swallows his fears and chases along after her, obliged to his duty to watch over her, making sure that her pills are taken on time, and tea is served as and when it should be.

It is because no one believes she can, that she takes on the challenge, and she must find out for herself whether her life is really over, or if the best of it may be yet to come.

ebook EPUB
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