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When Do Fish Sleep?


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When Do Fish Sleep? is the third book in David Feldman’s best-selling Imponderables™ series, packed with answers to perplexing questions and solutions to everyday mysteries, repackaged and featuring a new cumulative index to all ten Imponderables™ books.

In his bestselling Imponderables™ series, David Feldman has shown conclusively that there are answers to just about every question that has been baffling the human race in our relentless search for knowledge and self-improvement. Not the “What is life?” sort of questions, but the really hard ones, like “Why does Mickey Mouse have only four fingers?” or “Why don’t birds tip over when they sleep on a telephone wire?”

Where lesser mortals fear to tread, David Feldman charges on undaunted and brings us When Do Fish Sleep?, the third installment of his witty, intelligent, enlightening Imponderables™ series. Since 1986, the Imponderables™ series has delighted and edified more than 2.1 million readers, as well as the countless visitors to the Imponderables™ website, and dauntless players of Malarky, the hugely popular Imponderables™ board game. With more than 150 irresistible entries—submitted by his loyal readers—charming illustrations by Kassie Schwan, and more than 300,000 copies sold, When Do Fish Sleep? is one of the author’s biggest, funniest, and richest collections of answers to the seemingly unanswerable.

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