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Easy Self-Help Acupressure for Kids and Parents: Daily Clean Your House Flow for Families —A Smart Parent’s Guide to Healthy, Productive Kids and Happy Families


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Easy Self-Help Acupressure for Kids and Parents describes the Daily Clean Your House Flow, which is a series of easy-to-follow acupressure poses that is a win-win for everyone! Developing a regular, daily practice of the Daily Flow creates an environment where children can be more carefree, happier and more productive.

Easy Self-Help Acupressure for Kids and Parents offers clear explanations and colorful illustrations that will help create:

• Increased attention span
• Reduced stress
• Pleasant homework experience
• Balanced emotions
• Improved performance in sports, music and other activities
• Improved health with less illness
• Fewer clashes and power struggles
• Increased self-esteem and mindfulness

Your children will notice the difference and tell you they want to do the Daily Flow more often! Easy Self-Help Acupressure for Kids and Parents is a perfect complement to the Daily Clean Your House Flow video, which uses fun animation to demonstrate the nine steps in a way that is appealing to children of all ages. You'll see that it helps YOU too!

"My children are getting along better! The whole family is having fewer and fewer quarrels." —Leslie, mother of three

"The Daily Clean Your House Flow is an easy way to give your children an edge in both academic and nonacademic endeavors. Plus it's a great tool for parents to stay calm and focused." —Lara, mother of three and 3rd grade teacher

"I don't have to badger the kids to do their homework. The kids are getting their work done and they're doing better in school." —Susan, mother of two

"It's easier to study and I'm getting better grades on my spelling tests." —8-year old in 3rd grade

"I do the Daily Flow before I practice piano and I'm doing so much better. My teacher says I'm doing better, too."—11-year-old

"I can't imagine not doing the Daily Flow. It helps each day go smoothly. I sleep better and start the day rested. Studying is easier and I have no anxiety over tests. And, anytime I have feelings come up that I don't understand I just Jumper Cable and I feel better." —16-year-old

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