Implementing metrics for IT service management

a measurement framework that helps align TI with the business objectives and create value through continual improvements

Deborah Smith Serie: ITSM Library | Taal: Engels


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This book "Implementing Metrics for IT Service Management" provides a measurement framework which is based on a continuous improvement lifecycle. The measurement framework is aligned with the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) set of best practices. The framework is compatible with the Control Objectives for IT (CobiT®) framework and supports ISO/IEC 20000 standards for IT Service Management. This book also provides the basic concepts around measurements for business/IT alignment, achieving compliance and driving operation excellence. Where possible, examples, case studies and check lists have been included along with a scorecard accelerator software tool to further improve the learning experience and accelerate the adoption of measurements. The goal of this book is to provide the reader with a measurement framework to align IT with the business objectives to create value through continuous improvements. This book is complimentary to the book "Metrics for IT Service Management" also published by Van Haren Publishing. The objectives of the measurement program are to help the user determine ways to: * align IT with business objectives * maintain compliance requirements for business operations * drive operational efficiencies, effectiveness and quality. By reading this book, the reader will learn: * ITSM metrics overview * basic measurement framework concepts, analysis and reporting techniques * implementing ITSM metrics design approach for operational, tactical and strategic services * measurement lifecycle of monitoring, analysis, tuning and process improvement. * costs, benefits and common problems implementing and optimizing the measurement system. By using the CD template included with this book, the reader will learn how to: * conceptualize and apply many of the ideas presented in this book through visualization and practice. * plan the application of a measurement framework for IT Service Management processes * personalize and test scorecards and dashboards using predefined metrics and templates * implement a basic measurement framework pilot * complete a measurement lifecycle of monitoring, analysis, tuning and process improvement * report and verify performance improvements and value realized over time. * justify the adoption, continuance, customization, expansion, investment and optimization of the measurement framework (fit-for-purpose).
Van Haren Publishing
190 pp.
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