Establishing Your Beta Reading Business


How to Become a Successful Beta Reader, #3

ebook EPUB

€ 7,99

Establishing Your Beta Reading Business

ebook EPUB

€ 7,99

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Are you ready to take your passion for fiction and make it earn for you? Put those fantastic beta reading skills you learned from Books 1 and 2 to work?

It's time to establish yourself as an exceptional author services provider. And this book will show you how.

Book 1 covered the very foundation of the skill: the fundamentals of fiction. Book 2 showed you how to take those fundamentals and apply them to works in your favorite genre.

In this book you'll learn:

  • how to set up an author services business.
  • how to gain experience.
  • how to launch loud and build your perfect clientele.
  • how to make your marketing efforts as painless as possible.
  • And you'll be thought absolutely charming when authors experience your beta reading etiquette!

    Look, the fascinating world of books needs you like never before.

    There are thousands of self-publishing authors needing someone with the skills to help them craft their next bestselling book, and you're just the person with the skills to do it.

    They just need to find you!

    Whether you are an avid reader curious about the possibility of an exciting new hobby, a serious reader looking to put your reading habit to work, or an old beta reading pro wanting to get better at what you do and grow your current business, this series is for you!

    Get your copy now!

    ebook EPUB
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