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Love's Little Rewards


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Amy Young likes her life just the way it is. She's on her own, making her own way, and answers to no one. She loves the hot Texas summers, hates the cold, and fears poverty more than anything in the world. If she ever makes a commitment, it will only be to a wealthy man.

Trey Barrington, a millionaire oilman from Oklahoma City, needs to get away. He is tired of the stress of running the family business after having it dumped in his lap after his father’s death. He’s tired of the hassles of big business and being chased by every socialite that wants his money.

When Amy meets Trey, she thinks he’s just a poor guy on a fishing trip, and all her best-laid plans for herself start to crumble. She can’t seem to fight the attraction she feels for him. Trey sees an opportunity to have a woman love him for who he is and not what he has. Can Amy stay strong and live her life the way she wants, not committing to any man? Or will she find that in the end, love always trumps money?

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