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Joe Blows


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"I’m just going to say I’m probably bisexual"

What's a guy to do when he suddenly realizes that he's gone from being an everyday guy who loves ladies to a man who lusts and obsesses over cocks and how best to please them? He goes on the hunt for the perfect phallus, one that he can love and worship. Luckily for Joe, there's plenty of eager volunteers out there -- but Joe's a fussy man, and he's after the very best.

WARNING: Joe Blows is a 6,300 word gay hardcore erotica short story, intended for open minded adults only. This short features themes of phallus worship and a LOT of teasing!


Just half an hour later I was outside his house, or at least the door to the address he had given me. It was in a fairly nice part of town. I took a deep breath before knocking on the door. It was about ten in the night now, so I figured that he’d know it was me.

The door opened, and it was Dominic, smiling at me in only his sweatpants. He was already hard, and there was a massive tent in his crotch. My eyes were drawn and I had to rip them away from his bulge and force myself to look at his face and say hi.

“You seem kind of distracted, Joe!” he chuckled. “Come on in.”

I stepped into his home and he closed the door behind me. I was still speechless. As the door closed I realized with a little horror that I was now totally doing my fantasy. I couldn’t believe it, and I definitely couldn’t back out now. But I knew that I wouldn’t want it to be any other way.

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