Freed to Obey: Discovering What Galatians Says About Freedom, Obedience, and Christ’s Kingdom

Dr. Christopher Leonard Taal: Engels

ebook EPUB

€ 7,42

Freed to Obey: Discovering What Galatians Says About Freedom, Obedience, and Christ’s Kingdom

ebook EPUB

€ 7,42

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Imagine what a powerful impact the church could have if believers focused on living out their faith with Christ-like love and obedience to all of God’s Word!

What if salvation by faith and freedom in Christ, on the one hand, and obedience to the Old Testament law, on the other hand, weren’t an “either…or” proposition?

Dr. Christopher Leonard, senior pastor of Community Church of Fish Creek, presents a vision of the church in which believers embrace Christ as the fulfillment of the law, not the breaker of the law, and commit themselves to unity in love and purpose instead of ritual and sameness.

Leonard delves deep into Paul’s letter to the Galatians to draw out vital lessons from the experiences of a divided church not so different from the Body of Christ today. From his context-rich study of Paul’s words, Leonard exposes widespread misconceptions about the law that have had dire consequences for believers, the church, and the world.

In this book, you’ll learn:

-Why God’s commandments are a protective wall, not a prison

-How faith in Christ saves us, but faith is more than a mental nod

-Why living by faith and the Spirit still requires all of God’s Word

-The danger of pursuing sameness instead of oneness

-The real reason Paul didn’t want gentile believers following Jewish rituals

-Why the best evangelism begins with trust, reconciliation, and discipleship

PLUS workbook sections will strengthen your understanding of Paul’s real message in Galatians—a message of unity, inclusion, and obedience, not the division, exclusion, and lawlessness of popular misconception.

Pick up your copy of Freed to Obey today and discover true liberty—the freedom of God’s Kingdom—for yourself!

ebook EPUB
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