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Athletic Identity: Invincible and Invisible


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The athlete is a mystery to many and the journey athletes encounter involve a number of complex events that over time can lead to unlimited success in and outside of the sporting environment. However being an athlete also brings on complex issues and requires a unique set of personal development services specifically developed and intended for the athlete.

Unlike anytime in our sports history, athletes require a specific set of personal development services to assist in their overall personal development. Males as well as female athletes, from a variety of social economic backgrounds are engaging in destructive and at times criminal behavior. Also all athletes will experience a transition from the youth level, collegiate level and if fortunate on the professional level. This book delivers a historical overview, researched based theory and more importantly methods of application specifically targeting the athlete.

Athletic Identity: Invincible and Invisible, the Personal Development of the Athlete, is about the journey all athletes face due to their participation in sport. The book examines the role athletic identity plays in an athlete’s personal, social and professional development. The book also introduces unique stages all athletes enter and exit while involved in sports participation. The book is contains years research to provide the necessary curriculum and practical approach needed when providing holistic personal development services for athletes.

About the author - Dr. Robinson received his BA and MS degrees from Indiana University. His Masters in Counseling and Guidance allowed him to study the role of counseling in athlete behavior. Dr. Robinson then received his doctorate from Manchester University, in Manchester England, which had an emphasis on athlete behavior and perceptions of counseling services afforded to athletes. Dr. Robinson is the founder of Personal Player Development LLC, and Personal Player Development Magazine. Dr. Robinson has worked with athletes from all sectors for over two decades focusing on athletic identity which consist of the personal, social and professional development of the athlete, allowing an opportunity for athletes to reach maximum growth. As a college athlete Dr. Robinson played basketball for the legendary Bob Knight and later as an international professional athlete in a number of countries across the globe.

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