My Depraved Amsterdam TGirl Adventure


Ladyboy Erotic Vacations Series, #4

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Dear reader,

My publisher, Empyrion Media, only publish books by authors who write about their own genuine sexual experiences, so fake authors or armchair erotica fantasists will not bear the Empyrion Media emblem stamp of '100 Per Cent Real Sex' that can be found on all Empyrion Media titles, including my own.

Product Description:

Based on actual events.

Join me, E.H.Watson, as I relive multiple adventures that took place over the course of just two days in Amsterdam during early September of 2013.

Read in graphic detail as I visit Shemale prostitutes in Amsterdam’s Red Light District for some major mayhem. Marvel as I enjoy the sensation of Live xxx sex shows featuring naughty nuns and women with cigars who blow smoke in ways that have to be seen to believed. Not to stop there, this book also retells my experiences in an exclusive T-Girl night club later that night and the double team action I enjoy in the club lavatories from a tall gorgeous flame-haired T-Girl and her friend.

Caution: Not for those with delicate constitutions or weak hearts.

This book contains graphic descriptions of very hardcore, and at times, rough sexual activity, including vivid descriptions of oral sex, masturbation and many more unquestionably depraved acts.

This short story is suitable for those aged 18+ only – Not for minors! All characters are over the age of eighteen

Book Details:
Extended short story. More than 14,000 words.
All characters over 18 years of age.

ebook EPUB
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