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FYI < 3 Series


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FYI < 3 Series
A Collection of Short Stories
TTYL Paris, Book 1
Go to Paris, you'll find love! I'm Jillian Moore. My entire life, I wanted to follow in my parents' footsteps and find true, long-lasting love, but unfortunately, it hasn't happened in the five years I've lived here. You'd think in a city with two million people, I'd have crossed paths with the perfect man. Huh! Who am I kidding? However, things changed when I least expected it. I was literally knocked on my ass, but it wasn't by the sexy man with the gorgeous caramel eyes. No, I've been knocked over by a pint-sized, strawberry blonde. Now I'm faced with a dilemma. Should I say TTYL Paris, or should I see if my parents were right?
L8R London, Book 2
After my brother was killed in a motorcycle race, I made it my life's goal to end illegal street racing. Yeah, I grew up building and riding with him and his sexy best friend, Roni, but I couldn't bear to watch these kids endanger their lives the same way my brother had.However, when Roni returned to London to take on The Palace, I forgot all about my mission and focused on her while trying to forget the one night we shared years earlier. Hell, who was I kidding. That one night rocked my world…multiple times. There's no way in hell I'd forget that night.Now, if I could convince her to not race on the same track where Edwin died, I might have a chance to claim her as my own.
WTF Venice, Book 3
Thanks to an opportunity provided to him by his friend, lawyer-turned-model, Enrique Munier travels from Paris to Venice to shoot his first commercial. Upon his arrival, he meets the tour guide assigned to him, Alonzo Giordano, and the self-proclaimed player hopes the guide will show him a little more than the beautiful city. What he doesn't plan for is falling hard only to be rejected by the one he wants. How did the man who doesn't do feelings find himself and his life turned upside down? Did the player get played, or could this be the real thing?
OMG Cabo, Book 4
Gianna Giordano escaped a horrible marriage in Venice, Italy, only to find herself beginning a new life in Cabo. Soon after she arrives, she lands her first job, along with a few compromising positions with her new boss. However, she doesn't allow the fling to last long because she thinks she doesn't deserve happiness with a man like Laurato. When her brother and friends arrive in Cabo for a wedding, Gianna finds her attraction to Laurato hasn't dissipated, and it seems his hasn't either. However, she wonders if her feelings resurfaced because of the romantic atmosphere surrounding her. Can Laurato convince her she deserves more, or will she give up on life entirely?

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