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The Billionaire Needs an Heir


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“Please, call me Mark.” He reaches out to shake my hand, this time taking my outstretched fingers in both his hands. “Have you thought more about the position?”

I don’t want to tear myself from the warmth of his fingers. The way they wrap around mine, holding me in, is making me hot and I can feel a slight blush touch my cheekbones. “I don’t exactly know what the position you’re referring to is.”

Mr. Andersen--Mark--gives me a sly glance. “How about we discuss it over a lunch interview?”

After months on the hunt, Margaret finally got a job at Crosspoint Deliveries working as a first-class package delivery service. She's just getting into the hang of the job, when she finds herself delivering a suspicious box to offices of billionaire Mr. Andersen.

While in the office, she discovers that the handsome bachelor is interviewing gorgeous women for a special opportunity. And when she hands off her package, Mr. Andersen insists that she become an applicant.

But what exactly does it mean to apply to be Mr. Andersen's special pet? Margaret finds herself submitting to an intense interview process, bare and without protection.

*** This 15,000+ word story is intended for adults only! It contains graphic language, plus kinky scenes depecting dripping hot sex ***

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