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Emby Taylor's Virtual Wedding Planning


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Wouldn’t it be great to have a buddy that was a wedding industry “insider” who could help you navigate this whole wedding planning business? Well, I can be just that for you!

Emby Taylor’s Virtual Wedding Planning Guide shares all that a decade's worth of experience in the industry.

This book takes you through 52 chapters of planning with topics ranging from getting organized to tying up all the loose ends and everything in between.

Emby Taylor has been in the wedding industry for over 6 years and has the unique position of having seen and heard the experiences of hundreds of brides and grooms from the start of their journey when they are selecting their photographer, right through to after the wedding when they collect their album. She's heard the dreams, seen the reality, and relived the stories after the big day, of what worked – and what didn’t.

The happiest couples seem to have one thing in common, they stay grounded in their planning and they focus on their personal priorities. They may not have planned the wedding that the wedding industry said would be “perfect,” they planned the wedding that was perfect for them.

This book will help you understand the wedding industry. While there is a lot of negative attitude toward it (and in some cases that’s rightfully so), it is an industry filled with wonderful people too. You absolutely can have a positive experience planning your wedding as long as you can confidently navigate your way around the process.

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