Giuseppe Vaccaro. Childschool in Piacenza 1953-1962

Enrico Ansaloni Taal: Engels


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The book deals with a quite unknown but very dense building: a small kindergarden by Giuseppe Vaccaro. A characteristic way of thinking architecture is here expressed. In those years Vaccaro is involved in experiments on the topic of circular form or centric space. The relation among the geometrical "mark" and typology allow - such a scientific test - to seek and study reciprocal interferences. In the kindergarden the "mark" is the fence, expressing centrifugal space. This book investigate geometric schemes and variations in building to the difficult moment of refurbishment, that have made more damages than benefits, spoiling some important parts. Damages can be measured looking at the actual situation and the model here published. Watching the building and its site today stand out clear the intention of the architect: to build a place with as less parts as possible: a circumference, a line and a curved plan as a roof. The mysterious fence set in the park; its role is to "isolate" something as a clearing in the forest. Remembering the Laugier Cabane rustique, the kindergarden place the work of Vaccaro in the field of modern architecture. Seen today, the sketches and plans of this strange building seem contemporary. Their freshness make them a Koolhas or Hertzberger XXI century drawing.
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