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Ginger the Gangster Cat


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The "funny, wicked, and heart-warming" story of one fat cat's devotion to Spanish cuisine…and how far he will go to get his paws on it.

"A fantastically fun story for kids – and adults too!" 
Wishing Shelf 5? review
"An entertaining and enjoyable little story, with a great plot and endearing well-drawn characters!" Awesome Indies 5? review

Prawn-loving Ginger is a fat, scruffy street cat. Innocent little Sparky is his new best friend – and unsuspecting accomplice. When the chance comes, the two London cats travel to Spain to carry out Ginger's 'cunning plan'. Will they pull off the cat crime of the century…or will Ginger's greed prove his downfall? 

If you like *Simon's Cat, Alice in Wonderland *and A Street Cat named Bob, you'll love Ginger the Gangster Cat! A modern day feline fable, this middle grade book is a comic romp full of action and adventure for any reader - children, tweens, teens... and beyond! 
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"What a delightfully funny book. And I'm not even much of a cat lover. 2 paws up!" 
"I loved that Ginger, although tough, had a soft side too. Kids can learn from this!"
"This is a super funny book. I liked Sparky best."
"My kids (6 and 8) were literally roaring with laughter as I read this to them at bed time."
"A cat addicted to Spanish food. What a fantastic idea!"

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