Knights of Green

Gerald Stevens Taal: Engels

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Scott Burnett’s mid-life state of affairs was no one’s idea of a pleasure cruise. Marriage on the rocks. A clueless bootlick of a boss. A lifestyle rich in antacids and insomnia. And just when the Environmental Protection Agency enforcement agent thought he’d hit rock bottom, along comes another edict from the top of the bureaucratic food chain: A new disadvantaged socioeconomic group has laid claim to priority hiring status, complete with recruitment quotas. Burnett is certainly no stranger to such phenomena, but this new demographic defies belief: Hillbillies. 

The last thing the Denver-based EPA agent needs is another distraction. He has a big fish to fry—an A-list dirtbag by the name of Scoop Pritchett, a mining mogul genetically programmed to trash the earth for fun and profit. The only thing Pritchett ever recycled was cash, tithing a portion of his ill-gotten gains to the church of government corruption. 

Taking unconditional leave of his senses, Burnett tries to derail the Hire-a-Bubba campaign before it inspires other backwoods citizenry to lobby for a ride on the preferential treatment express. With the help of comrades back East, he scrapes the bottom of the social barrel, dredging up a pair of guaranteed failures in the form of Dwayne Jeter and Frank Preston, renegade rent-a-cops currently touring Dixieland in a hijacked Homeland Security interrogation van. Hire. Fire. End of story.

But Burnett’s gambit backfires in unimaginable ways. Feeling the wrath of his entire office, he hastily foists Team Billy Ray on his beleaguered right-hand man, ex-Special Forces soldier Paul Gonzales, on assignment high in the Colorado Rockies. With brains that could ill afford the oxygen deprivation, Burnett’s rough-edged recruits serve up a platter of country fried mayhem, while their new boss walks a fine line between getting even and getting fired. 

ebook EPUB
Gerald Stevens
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