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A Foxxie Quickie Collection, #2

Giuliana Fox Serie: A Foxxie Quickie Collection | Taal: Engels

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Plunge into erotic romance with these sexy short fiction titles.

Erotic Confessions

Dr. Richard Harrison's goal is always to get his patients over the challenges they face when dealing with their addictions.

But one patient in particular, Karina Spencer, is a woman whose elusive and curious nature pulls him in and leads him down a path on which he has never before ventured.

Secret Voyeur

All Vanessa wants to do is work hard to ensure that her new business flourishes and enjoy life as satisfied and single entrepreneur. Despite a recent push from her family to practically marry her off to the first eligible bachelor who crosses her path, Vanessa is happy with her life as is.

But her other extracurricular activities may soon prove to lead her down a path that she had not planned in her usually well-planned and meticulously organized life. Because the mystery man from Unit 224 may have other ideas in mind for the sexy and single businesswoman.

Sensual Summer

Tara’s spent her entire life doing everything the right way. But when the pressure of her too perfect and overly planned life begins to take its toll on her, she agrees to an obligation-free vacation at the lake with her friend, Holly.

But she fears that her vacation has been ruined when crashed by unexpected visitors. But Clint, one of the handsome, vacation-crashing strangers proves to be much more intriguing than she’d initially assumed. Will she be able to open up to him and experience a summer she’ll never forget?

Smoldering Lust

Amber and Jake have undeniable chemistry as podcast co-hosts. But could their chemistry be about more than just having a great working relationship?

When a listener's email question prompts them to reconsider the true nature of their connection, they come face to face with a smoldering, burning lust that can no longer be suppressed.

ebook EPUB
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