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Gray Wolf Security (Back Home)


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Enjoy the complete 4th Volume of Gray Wolf Security. Romance, Suspense, Mystery and a touch of Comedy. 5 Books. No Cliffhangers. More than 1,000 pages :)

I'd never worked undercover. But I danced in the strip clubs before I joined the Army and I knew that world. I knew I could find the evidence Joss needed to stop the men using The Red Door Gentleman's Club to use and discard women who were desperate to bring their families to this country. The images of those poor women, beaten and abused, haunted my thoughts each time I looked at the men responsible. How could anyone be that cruel? How could anyone be that heartless? Yet, Xavier Damico was different from what I expected. Had Gray Wolf gotten it wrong this time?

Joss Matthews was a badass and I wanted nothing more than to prove myself to be just as good as she was. Fresh out of the Marines, I thought I had it in the bag when Ash Grayson hired me himself. It didn't matter that my first operation turned out to be babysitting a drunk. It was still a chance to prove myself.

I don't do well with intimacy. I don't like to be touched. I don't even like men to look at me. Then why was I in a bar, setting some guy up to see if he could be faithful to his wife? I was relieved when the assignment was over and he was out of my life. Yet, he wasn't. He kept showing up. First at a restaurant and then in my house. And the story he had to tell…either I was about to be a hero, or I was about to magnificently lose my job.

I walk into that room expecting a stranger, someone I can manipulate, maybe even drug. Instead, there stands my neighbor, but he's not the same, kind, gentle man I thought I knew. And we're caught up on this case together, both working toward a separate end, both aware of the consequences should our covers be blown. Can I trust him? Can trust even exist in this screwed up world?

Eleven years ago, Joss Grant Hernandez Matthews lost her son and husband in a tragic accident after a drunk driver made the choice to get behind the wheel. Four years later, she found a good man who brought her out of her grief and gave her a new purpose. But that accident has come back to haunt her. The family of the drunk driver want her to pay for what they see as his tragic death by his own hand. Her daughter is missing and her husband has become a target of this same enemy. Joss is carrying the weight of it all on her own shoulders, unsure of who she can trust and unwilling to place anyone else she loves in danger. They've all lost so much. How can she ask them to risk more? However, Joss is forgetting one thing. Gray Wolf is a family. And family doesn't let family walk alone.

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