31 Powerful Prayers Of Thanksgiving – Guaranteed To Always Cause You To Triumph!


31 Powerful Prayers Series, #4

Gloria Coleman Serie: 31 Powerful Prayers Series | Taal: Engels

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In this book are - 31 Powerful Prayers Of Thanksgiving – Guaranteed To Always Cause You To Triumph!

I was reminded of the Power of Thanksgiving in early 2010 by the Holy Spirit of God when I went through one of the most challenging seasons of my life.

During that season it just seemed as if everything we touched turned to ashes.

In early 2010, I heard God challenging me to harness the Power of Thanksgiving. He led me to write out every breakthrough, every answered prayer and everything I could remember He had done for me.

I took out an exercise book and I begun to write. After I had written them all down, I felt led to read them out to myself everyday and give God thanks for what He had done.

Soon enough I begun to be encouraged and I begun to thank God also for what He was doing behind the scenes that I could not yet see with my physical eyes.

My attitude changed from one of discouragement and dismay to one of faith and courage!

Fast forward to 2015 and God has restored my losses, He kept us alive and well in the intervening period with miracles, signs and wonders!

Perhaps you may have or may be going through your own challenging season. I want to encourage you to begin to pray – prayers of thanksgiving daily.

The 31 Prayers of Thanksgiving provided in this book will get you off to a good start.

ebook EPUB
Gloria Coleman
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