Connect With Your Destiny

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Book Description

Connect with Your Destiny is a book for every human on earth. It deals directly on a subject that every man and woman on earth is interested in - the Purpose of Life on Earth, otherwise known as One's Destiny. Life is completely meaningless without purpose and at the core of every human soul is the question: "Why On Earth Am I Here? "

Quiet a good number of people have an idea of what their purposes are, yet, just how to connect with that purpose and fulfill it has remained an impossible puzzle for them to fix.

In the course of my traveling around many cities and Nations to speak in conferences and seminars on purpose and destiny related subjects, I have discovered a very strong disconnect between who people believe they ought to be and who they are in reality. There always seem to be something missing between who they are at the present and who they are meant to be.

What is even more shocking is the realization of how many people today in the world who move about completely clueless about anything called "Divine Purpose or Destiny" let alone connecting with and fulfilling it.

Well, it is these missing links in the destinies and lives of these several millions of people that "Connect With Your Destiny " has been written to provide. It will also serve as a practical guide to help those who are ignorant of their purposes discover and fulfill their purposes.

If you have ever found yourself in the situation discussed above, then this book is a must read for you. Read it carefully and meditatively. You will find it a real journey from where you are now to the place you ought to be in your destiny. The findings you will make from the book are sure to provide you with a stable bridge to walk across the waters of many uncertainties surrounding your destiny, into your God-given glorious destiny. Now, let the journey begin!

ebook EPUB
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