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The Random Access Murders


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Corporate Espionage, Nefarious Nerds...and Murder

It's 1986, the "Halt & Catch Fire" era, when the software business was even more cutthroat than it looks on HBO's satire, "Silicon Valley".

Mega Microware is on the cusp of releasing a game-changing system to destroy competitors and make the Seattle company billion$. When an assassin targets Mega's Boy Wonder, eccentric millionaire Gil Baines Jr., his family hires retired homicide cop and computer hobbyist Olaf Starbuck to track down the predator. Starbuck's business savvy about the industry is zilch, but he finds a skillful partner in industry-insider Jane E. Antonin, a burned-out investigative reporter looking for a big scoop to reboot her career.

As they dig up the tangled relationships of the industry, they uncover a legion of nutty nerds, finance felons & vengeful victims willing to do anything to win.

* * *

"A fun, can't-put-it-down read. The Random Access Murders delightfully skewers the oddities and inanities of well-known industry figures, and the vintage hype and excessiveness of early computing. " - Alice LaPlante, author of New York Times Editor's Choice thriller, Turn of Mind.

"The Random Access Murders spotlights the distinctive personalities involved in the early, hyper-competitive era of the software business. This book transports me back to my "bleeding edge" days working at Microsoft." - Pamela Beason, author of the award-winning mystery The Only Witness.

"Hit the reboot button and take a funny, chaotic and rapturous ride on Whitesmith's time machine back to the rough and tumble roots of today's digital lifestyle. Corporate espionage, murder & intrigue." - Paul Andrews, co-author of Gates, the acclaimed bio of Bill Gates.

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