Elsewhere Gay Fantasy Romance, #2

H J Perry Serie: Elsewhere Gay Fantasy Romance | Taal: Engels

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There's more to life than books.

Antisocial bookworm Caspian hopes to reconnect with nature and find his inner child when he takes on the task of exploring the woods around Beaumont. Or at least he'll find a new place to curl up with his eReader.

There are birds.

After rescuing an injured bird who miraculously heals within minutes, at night Caspian has vivid and erotic dreams, which he doesn't want to wake up from.

And there's the Prince of Ravens.

Birds haunt him by day, and a particular man haunts his nights. The connection is far greater than Caspian can imagine…

Mate, and it's for life.

From another world, the Raven Prince can take bird or human form, but he takes only one lover.
As a human of our land, it's difficult for Caspian to understand soulmates, or to imagine forever, much less that their new love will survive it.
Can Caspian let go of the life he expected to find love with the man of his dreams?

Raven is a hot and steamy gay fantasy erotic romance with a guaranteed Happy Ever After and no cheating.
It is book two in the new Elsewhere series featuring powerful men who are not of this world.
**40,000 words**

Features: an orgy, voyeurism, exhibitionism, and a vers MM couple.

ebook EPUB
H J Perry
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