Amish Romance Collection Box Set 1

Hannah Miller Taal: Engels

ebook EPUB

€ 4,99

Amish Romance Collection Box Set 1

ebook EPUB

€ 4,99

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A collection of 3 standalone Clean & Wholesome Amish romance short stories with guarantee HEA and no cliffhangers.

Jacob's Tale

Naomi's impression of Jacob was not all that pleasant. He came across as rude, selfish, and downright cold. The entire village realized that he was a bit of a troublemaker. When Naomi's father requires some extra help around the farm, he reaches out for Jacob's help at his father's recommendation, much to Naomi's dismay.

She spends her days avoiding him and being infuriated by him. She becomes so angry that she starts to notice when her sister starts to act and think the same way. And just before winter hits, her father needs even more help around the farm, Naomi steps up to help.

One of the family horses is rowdy and unruly, and Naomi has difficulty controlling her. Narrowly avoiding an accident, she discovers something unexpected about Jacob, something that could change the way she sees him for the rest of her life.

A Strand of Three Cords

Emma has been in love with Jacob for quite a long time now. She has dreamed of the day when he finally realizes that he loves her too, and when he asks to walk her home and speak with her privately about an important matter, she believes that her time has come.

When she believes that Jacob chickened out from a proposal, she decides to tell him how she feels herself. But on the way to see him, she runs into Daniel, the other town heartthrob. What he has to tell her shocks her, but she cannot allow him to alter her decision.

When all of her plans fall apart, will she make the decision that is easy, or will she make the plan that she knows is the right one for herself? All she knows is that neither Daniel nor Jacob will make it easy for her.

Outside the Familiar

Elijah loved when his father would take him to visit the nearby town. Everything there was new and exciting, and he grew up loving the world outside of his little Amish community. One day, against his mother's wishes, he is sent into town to collect some things, and there he meets a girl from the local high school. He quickly finds himself tossed into a whirlwind relationship with her, which makes him question everything that he had ever known.

When problems arise, does Elijah decide that his life in the Amish community is really what he wants? Is there something there to keep him around? Or will this girl that he barely knows make him think that his life is not what he wants it to be?

ebook EPUB
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