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Test Driving Crystal


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Crystal and her best friend take the plunge and join The Agency. She immediately gets her photo shoot, the word goes out to the hobby community, and now things are moving a lot more quickly than she expected!

Jake at The Agency sends Crystal over to see Mark for her ‘test drive’ and Mark can’t believe his luck at being able to turn this ‘fresh new talent’ into a pro.

Is there anything Crystal won’t do to make it in the Hobby? Will Mark be able to shift her into high gear and get the best performance out of her possible? Will she get the rave review she needs to keep the community asking for more of her?

Here's an (edited) excerpt from the book:

“So I hear that French women are very romantic. Is that true?” he asks, with an inquiring look in his eye.

“Maybe. It depends on who the guy is. Do you want to find out?” Despite myself I laugh and feel almost giddy after just one drink from his glass. Any nervousness I had is long gone. Am I really going to get paid for being with a guy that I only just met ten minutes ago?

I take the hand he offers me and stand from the sofa. “Let’s go into the bedroom,” he says and holds my hand as he leads me down the hall. I realize I’m still holding the glass of water. “Go ahead and bring it with you, you might need it for your throat.” I can’t help but smirk when he says this and I look back at him trying to give him the same innocent look that he gave me.

He has much brighter lights on here in the bedroom. I know I’m here for what they call a ‘test drive’ so maybe he needs a good look at my body, to see if I have any tattoos or piercings or marks? I wonder if these guys complete some kind of written report after we finish?

I look around and see that his bedroom is actually quite nice. There’s a king-size bed with four huge pillows and a really comfy looking duvet on it, a wooden armoire across from the foot of the bed, a chest of drawers on one side of the bed, near a window that I can see looks out to the swimming pool. On the other side of the bed there’s a chair next to a full-length mirror that faces the bed. I realize all of his furniture is solid, waxed natural pine and I wonder if he has some kind of wood fetish in addition to liking my pink toe nails? This afternoon I only had a quick look at the Play Room in The Agency when Jake was showing me around, but I notice that Mark has the same natural beige, burgundy, green, black and brown colors for the decor of his bedroom that Jake has for the Play Room.

“Let me take you glass,” he offers and sets it next to his half-full glass of Pinot on the night table. I watch as he opens a box of matches and lights the two white candles on the night stand and the three red candles on the chest of drawers. Looks like the bright lights are only temporary.

He hasn’t told me what to do yet, so I just stand there with my hands at my side and watch him, curious to see what he has in store for me. Whatever it is I’m sure I can take it. I hope.

There are about a dozen candles throughout the bedroom, some white and some red, and when he finishes lighting them he sets the matches on the night stand and sits down in the chair next to the mirror. He sees that I am there standing at attention, waiting for direction, and he smiles.

“Go stand over there, Crystal,” he points to the foot of the bed, about four feet from where he is sitting. I do as he instructs and stand obediently with my arms straight and relaxed and my hands folded in front of me. It’s weird, but I actually like it!

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