Training Raelene


My Secret Hobby, #4

Hanzel Stone Serie: My Secret Hobby | Taal: Engels

ebook EPUB

€ 1,99

Training Raelene

ebook EPUB

€ 1,99

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(This book was previously published under the title My Secret Hobby: Recruiting Raelene)

Raelene is the hot young waitress who serves Mark, Crystal, Anika and Muffin during their special dinner out. She discovers that Crystal and Anika are in the Hobby and comes to their luxe apartment the next night to learn more.
Anika convinces Raelene that she has what it takes to make it in the business and has secretly arranged ahead of time for Muffin stop by to give her a test drive.

At first Raelene is inhibited but Muffin and Anika team up to really warm her up. When Anika tries to leave the two alone Muffin insists that she stay and Anika is OK with that. Thankfully Anika's sessioned with Muffin before so she can give Raelene the special help she needs to survive the Hobbyists checklist.

After what seems like hours Raelene has given Muffin everything he's asked for and then some, but has she satisfied him enough to earn a five-star review on the Review Site?

Here's an (edited) excerpt from the book:

“Thanks,” I said. Standing undressed in front of two people that I barely knew, it felt weirdly good to have them admiring my body. I hit the tanning booth a couple of times a week and had absolutely no tan lines what so ever, and kept the trim between my legs to a bare minimum.

“You’re welcome,” Anika smiled as she walked back to take her place next to Muffin on the chair where she began to rub Muffin’s shoulder.

“Come here Rebecca,” he said, and the way he said it was more of an order than a request. I did as I was told and stood in front of the two of them. Anika watched me, smiling, with an almost loving glow in her eye, then bent over to whisper something in Muffin’s ear.

“That’s a very good idea Anika. Go ahead,” he replied to her whisper.

Anika stood and came toward me with that same warm glow still in her eyes. Now in front of me, she ran one hand over me, toying with me, then moved her lips to mine. I had never kissed a girl before and felt my entire body flush as I realized that it was almost as nice - actually in some ways nicer - than kissing a guy.

I began to kiss her back, our tongues darting around. Suddenly Anika moved her head back, grasped my head with both hands, and began stealing long, deep kisses from me. I totally forgot that Muffin was there, sitting there, watching the two of us.

Then, Anika stopped kissing me and leaned ever so slightly back. I saw that her face was as flush as mine felt, and saw her eyes slightly close and her breathing deepen. Our kissing had made me incredibly excited and I was more than willing to accept whatever it was she had to offer me. She did, and when she was finished she stood back and rejoined Muffin on the chair.

Muffin, who had taken the opportunity to undress while watching Anika and I make out, sat and watched us. Anika was the only one still clothed.

“Do you like here Muffin?” Anika said.

“Rebecca, you look absolutely delicious. Now, come here,” he replied.

His compliment was followed by a command, and I sensed that he was beginning to take control of our little situation. I liked the way that felt. Anika smiled at me, as if she knew exactly the thoughts that were running through my mind, as if she had been there herself, and then I remembered that in fact she had been not too long ago.

I did as I was told . . . .

ebook EPUB
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