The Foundation of Godliness & A Godly Life

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The earnest prayer of the author is that whoever finds time to read this small book may have his or her heart divinely opened in order to realise the blessing of understanding the reason for the incarnation Christ, how to establish a relationship with him and how to walk a holy walk. That they may spiritually comprehend the ultimate destination to which the divine walk leads to. It is his prayer that the spirit of wisdom and revelation take control of anyone who will find time to read so as to understand that the sure and reliable company in the journey to eternal life is none other than Christ the Lord. It is also the author's prayer that this book may find access to the spiritually bound in high and low places of the earth and impart true wisdom to many. By the grace of God that it may reach all corners of the world.
New Generation Publishing
Theologie, Esoterie & Filosofie
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