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Narcissistic Mothers: The Ultimate Guide for People with Toxic Parents and CPSTD from Manipulative Relationships

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ebook EPUB

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Narcissistic Mothers: The Ultimate Guide for People with Toxic Parents and CPSTD from Manipulative Relationships

ebook EPUB

€ 0,00

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How To Identify, Fight, and Heal From Narcissist and Toxic Relationship With Your Mother And…


Do you feel sick and tired of constantly trying to please and get approval from your mom doing what she wants you to do?

Would you like to finally free yourself from all those lasting emotions that hold you back from seeking new exciting, and fulfilling relationships?

Would you like to be able to manage your life however you want to and forget about those emotional consequences from your past?

If you answered "Yes" to at least one of these questions, please read on…

"Here you go again, misunderstanding me…,"

"But mom, I am never good enough for you! What do I have to do to finally get that support and help I really need from you?"

This is one of those frequent emotional moments I remember from my childhood.

"Never good enough…

Not seen… Not heard… Too sensitive…"

And finally, I realized that the less my mom know about my life, the happier I feel.

And I really felt that once I left my parent's house, that I am free. But for some reason, those habits and emotions kept chasing me ever since.


This is not just my story. I have met hundreds of teenagers and adults who are still suffering from their narcissistic mothers.

Some of them don't even know this kind of condition exists!

And through this book, I want to give you everything I learned over the years. All the scientific and practical information that's worked for my clients and me. And help you finally free yourself from the past and start living that fulfilling and happy life you've always dreamed about.

Take a look at what's inside:

  • What's 'NPD – narcissistic personality disorder,' and how to recognize a person who has this condition?
  • How to know if your mother is narcissistic or not? (the answer to this question will change your action plan completely!)
  • 3 Types of narcissism and how to deal with each one depending on who has it? (your spouse, your mother, or any other person who is close to you)
  • How to break the painful patterns of toxic Mother-Daughter Relationships and stand strong even in the most difficult moments? (this is going to work as a sword and shield to protect yourself from abusive mother)
  • How early childhood abuse can change your adult life, and what to do to stop it before you become one?
  • Symptoms, Causes, Treatments from consequences of an abusive relationship with your Narcissistic Mother (this is going to be your proven emotional self-healing guide that'll help you clear up your mind and live more for yourself than you ever did before!)
  • Three healing stages from narcissistic abuse (these healing methods have been tested with real people in real-world situations, so they truly work!)
  • Much much more…
  • You and I both know that knowing what to does not equal Taking Action and Getting The Results You Want.

    So take this book, learn as much as you can and use that knowledge to free yourself from all those exhausting conversations and mother-pleasing life you have been dealing with up until now!

    So don't wait, scroll up, click on "Buy Now," and Start Reading!

    ebook EPUB
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