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Red, White, and Dead


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Trouble always finds Charlie Flynn.
Charlie Flynn returned to Holiday Cove when her grandmother passed away. Charlie's first inclination was to sell the pink Victorian her grandmother had left her and get back on the road. But something about the house made her want to stay, even if it was two steps shy of falling down around her ears. And when an abandoned pup shows up on her doorstep, she decides maybe it's time to put down some roots.
She's spent the last decade traveling the country, picking through barns, garages, and abandoned buildings looking for rusty treasure from days gone by. She plans to restore the Victorian to its former glory, turning the upstairs into her living space while running her junk and antique business from the bottom floor. But her plans hit a snag when strange incidents begin happening on the construction site, causing time and money. When the culprit for all the damage is caught red-headed, Charlie thinks her troubles are over.
Instead, she becomes the prime suspect for murder when the young man from the construction site is found dead.
Will Charlie make a run for it or stay and fight to prove her innocence?
This first book in the Holiday Cove Mystery Series introduces you to Charlie Flynn and her friends. Holiday Cove is a charming town filled with fun and exciting people. But almost everyone has a secret, and underneath all the charm, there's plenty of murder and mayhem.

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