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In the Enemy's House


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As the Cold War begins, in a girls' finishing school transformed into a top secret government facility - its activities so classified that not even the president was informed of their full ramifications - two very unlikely friends begin a dogged hunt that takes them into the very heart of Russia's covert war against America. And the secrets they will uncover at the end of their daring and tenacious quest not only shock the nation, but change the course of history.

This is the thrilling, suspenseful, and news-making true story told by bestselling author Howard Blum in his latest "dazzling masterwork of narrative nonfiction."

It is the tale of Bob Lamphere, a hard-charging, fun-loving FBI agent, and Meredith Gardner, a brilliant but difficult code breaker, who team up to do the seemingly impossible. They break the "unbreakable" Soviet codes only to discover the existence of Operation Enormoz - the Russian plot to steal America's atomic secrets. Energized by this startling knowledge, they begin a secret mission to track down the Soviet agents before the spies can steal the nation's newest superweapon, the hydrogen bomb.

Yet all the while, Moscow Center, as the headquarters of the Soviet foreign intelligence operations was known, is working against them, ingeniously deploying their agents in a determined effort to make off with America's technological and military secrets.

In the Enemy's House is a real-life espionage story, a spy-versus-spy world populated with handlers, fieldmen, codes, and recognition signals. It takes readers on a startling journey, from Arlington Hall, the top secret code-breaking headquarters in Virginia, to the scientific compound at Los Alamos, and on to the sidewalks of New York's Lower East Side, the foggy streets of London, and the corridors of secret power in Moscow. And it is a trail that ends hauntingly in the electric chair at Sing Sing prison, where Julius and Ethel Rosenberg are executed.

A breathtaking chapter of American history and a page-turning mystery that plays out against the tense, life-and-death gamesmanship of the Cold War, this is a tale of friendship and, not least, betrayal. In the end, its two heroes, Lamphere and Gardner, find they have become victims, too.

Based on previously classified documents, personal notebooks, letters, and revealing interviews, In the Enemy's House is Howard Blum's best book yet - at once a captivating spy story filled with affecting characters and a news-making contemporary history. It is a nonfiction story that resonates across the decades to give a new and powerful perspective on today.

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